Add the following ingredients to a glass or a blender jug using the final drink level as the indicator.
Fill to level with ice.

1 shot of espresso (optional)

Half scoop of Kool Kup Frappe mix.
pump-action cropped

2 pumps of 1883 Dulce De Leche (you can use 1883 Caramel, Butterscotch or Salted Caramel as alternatives)

24ml 1883 Banana Puree.

Top up to level with milk or water.

Pour into blender and blend for approx 30 seconds. Pour in glass.

Serving Suggestion: Pour 1883 Dulce De Leche syrup over top and add Kool Kup Toppings Caramel Blossom Curls, serve with a spoon straw.

An alternative method is to hold back the espresso add some Dulce De Leche to it and pour over the blended mix once its in the glass.