To a blender jug add ice to the drink serving level and the following ingredients.

1 scoop Kool Kup and cup of ice.
pump-action cropped

2 pumps/16ml 1883 Cinnamon syrup.

A single or double shot of chilled espresso.

Top up to the drink level with one of the following; whole milk or a milk alternative or water

Blend until the ice is smooth and pour into a tall glass

Add 1883 Chocolate sauce or similar. You have some artistic licence here, we like to push the sauce nozzle under the surface in the middle and squeeze. But you can add a layer to the drink base or create some saucy art on the top or all three!

Serving Suggestion: Top with a drizzle of 1883 Chocolate sauce and a dusting of Cinnamon from our Kool Kup Toppings range.