We have an extensive range of accessories available that are constantly adding to.  If you cannot find what you are looking for or want something specific, then please get in touch.


We have an extensive range of whisks available in all sizes from 5″ to 6.75″. We also stock mini hand held battery operated whisks.

Whippers & Accessories

The perfect tool for producing delicious whipped cream and flavoured whipped cream easily and quickly. We also stock a range of bulbs and accessories for the whippers.

Storage Jar

The perfect jar for displaying items on your shelves or for storing the Kool Kup mix and toppings in.

Starter Kit with Blender

Our starter total starter kit includes everything you need to start producing a great range of exciting drinks. You will get a selection of toppings, sauces and equipment and merchandising. You also get to choose from our cases of mixed syrups - but you are welcome to contact us if you'd like to change a[...]

Spoon Straws

Both our multi-coloured striped and neon straws are suitable for milkshakes, frappes and smoothies. They are a wider straw with a spoon shape at one end so not only are they functional but are fun and look great too!

Shakers and Stencils

We have an extensive range of both glass and stainless steel holed and mesh net top shakers available. If you are looking to add a decorative finishing touch to your drink, then our stainless and mixed pack of stencils are the perfect solution.

Clear Cups & Lids

Perfect for customers who want their drinks on the go. The tulip 12oz cups and doomed lids are manufactured from perfectly clear recyclable thermoformed Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).


This unit is an excellent entry priced, high powered commercial blender. It’s easy to use and ideal for making frappes and smoothies.

Bag Clip & Scoop

The bag clip with scoop attachment is a handy accessory to have around. Not only is it prefect for measuring out our Kool Kup mix but the clip is also convenient for keeping powdered mixes fresh and dry.

Other Products

To help make your drinks even more special, we have a range of exquisite 1883 syrups, sauces and fruit purees available.

They really are yummy and the perfect companions for our mix.

1883 Syrups

1883 syrups are available in an extensive range of delicious concentrated syrups that use natural extracts to create authentic flavours. The intensity of flavour is far higher than other syrups so the sweetness is lower which means a better balance and a healthier option for consumers. For use in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mocha, soda,[...]

1883 Sauces

These fantastic sauces are a real delight and a superb addition to the 1883 product range. The intense flavours and thicker consistency are ideal for base layers or for flavouring drinks such as mochas, milkshakes and frappes. Create ripples in drinks or use the fantastic smaller 500ml pots with decoration nozzle to create latte art[...]

1883 Creation Fruit Puree

Created to excite your taste buds and your imagination. Available in five wonderfully refreshing flavours: Banana, Passion Fruit, Mango, Red Berries and Strawberry.