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3 pumps/16ml 1883 Raspberry Syrup

125ml whole milk.

50ml for cream

Bag & Scoops

30ml of Kool Kup® mix

200g Whipping Cream

Univerciok White Chocolate 30g sachet (available to buy at

To make the ‘Ruby’ Whipped cream, you can either pour the kool kup, 50ml milk, 2 pumps of 1883 raspberry syrup and whipped cream into a blender bowl and blend on low speed for roughly 20 seconds. Or you can use an iSi cream whipper! They are available to purchase from And all you need to do is pop the ingredients into the whipper, insert your nitro cartridge (UCD also sell the cartridges), and done! They are so easy and smart to use. Plus any left over can be stored in the fridge for up to 10 days!

To make the hot chocolate: Melt the Univerciok powder into 125ml of hot milk, stir in 1 pump of 1883 raspberry syrup.

Pop your whipped cream on top and you have your very own Pink Hot Chocolate.

Serving Suggestions: 1883 are the highest quality syrups on the market. Which means they are highly concentrated and you don’t need to use as much! More for your money basically. So if you think you need more than 1 pump of syrup for your hot chocolate please add more, but just bear this in mind ? Especially as the cream is also flavoured.