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What Makes Kool Kup Unique?

There are many reasons, here are some of the main ones.

Created purely as a neutral cold drinks thickener for establishments seeking high quality versions of popular drinks.

With Kool Kup you only need one packet to make a whole range of outstanding drinks, which enables you to reclaim valuable shelf space and simplify staff training. It’s a single pack doing the job of many.

It has no added flavour of its own and its low aroma means when you add syrups and other ingredients, your customer gets a more authentic experience. Some pre flavoured mixes mask the taste of the syrup used, that’s not the case with Kool Kup. We specially designed the mix to work in harmony with the 1883 syrups range and our collection of yummy toppings.

The Kool Kup mix has been approved by the Vegetarian Society, is additive free and also gluten free, so it’s the perfect product!

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Different Ways to Use Kool Kup

Due to it’s versatility, Kool Kup can be used to create an extensive range of delicious thick drinks. It’s perfect for making high quality chillattes, milkshakes, frappes and smoothies.

By adding real espresso to the Kool Kup mix you can create outstanding coffee frappes and iced coffees. What more can you ask from one bag of mix?

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