Image Created and Supplied by Goodbrews


Fill a 16oz serving glass with ice.

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Add the following syrups to the glass:

  • 2 pumps (16ml) of 1883 Strawberry syrup.
  • 2 pumps (16ml) of 1883 Banana syrup.
  • 1 pump (8ml) of 1883 Blue Curacao syrup.

Adjust syrup quantities for smaller drinks. 

Top up with milk so the glass is almost full and pour into the blender.

Add 1 x 20g (or 2 if using clip scoop) of Kool Kup to the blender.

Blend until smooth and pour into the serving glass.

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Drizzle 1 pump of 1883 Blue Curacao over the top of the mix and serve.

Serving Suggestion: Why not add some Blue Curacao to a whipper to create some fun blue whipped cream to serve on top of your drink.

Recipe and image supplied by Goodbrews, Gateshead, Newcastle