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To a blender add 2 pumps (16ml) of 1883 syrup or 2 pumps (30ml) of 1883 sauce per 8 to 10fl.oz drink.

Approx 180 to 200ml (6 to 7oz) of water or milk (adjust to suit) per 8 to 10fl.oz. drink.

Please note, some 1883 flavours are more acidic than others an will curdle milk. We can provide a guide. For flavours accected please use water rather than milk. You will still get the thick creamy finish.

Add 1 standard scoop or 2 clip scoops of Kool Kup® per 8 to 10 fl.oz drink. For milkshake blenders use half (20g).

For very thick drinks add up to half a scoop more per 8 to 10 fl.oz drink.

Blend, mix or shake until smooth and Kool Kup® is fully dissolved and serve.

We recommend adding some naughty garnish ideas to make the drink a true treat. Add flavoured whipped cream, 1883 sauces and Kool Kup Toppings to make a drinkable desert! Try stirring in Toppings or sauce for a real ‘WOW’ factor!