These fantastic sauces are a real delight and a superb addition to the 1883 product range. The intense flavours and thicker consistency are ideal for base layers or for flavouring drinks such as mochas, milkshakes and frappes.

Create ripples in drinks or use the fantastic smaller 500ml pots with decoration nozzle to create latte art or drizzles. These sauces are also a fantastic topping for desserts or simply used as dips for fruit and marshmallows!

The sauces are available in 500ml squeeze pots and the larger 2lt bottles, which also have pumps available to purchase.

  • Intense flavour and high quality
  • Available in 500ml squeeze pots and 2lt PET bottles
  • Pump option for the 2lt bottles
  • 67 portions per bottle 2lt catering bottle
  • Variety of uses

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