1883 syrups are available in an extensive range of delicious concentrated syrups that use natural extracts to create authentic flavours.

The intensity of flavour is far higher than other syrups so the sweetness is lower which means a better balance and a healthier option for consumers.

For use in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mocha, soda, spritzer, refreshers, iced tea, tea frappe, flavoured wines, ciders and beers, cocktails, mocktails, cooking, dressings, milkshake and frappe The perfect pairing for use with Kool Kup mix and toppings.  The ways to use 1883 syrups are endless but however you choose to use them they are sure to delight!

  • Made using natural extracts
  • No Artificial Preservatives or GMO’s
  • Vegetarian and Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free and Organic options available
  • Made using water from the French Alps
  • Now over 80 flavours available
  • Up to 125 portions per bottle (based on 8oz hot drinks)
  • Intensity of flavour resulting in less syrup per portion
  • A healthier option as half the sweetness of other brands
  • Authentic flavours and aromas that replicate the real thing
  • 1883 have over 130 years experience in creating flavours and aromas

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