Add a serving cup of ice to a blender and blend for 10 seconds.

pump-action cropped

Add 3 pumps of 1883 apple syrup

(adjust to suit, usually 2 pumps (16ml) of 1883 syrup is enough, but the extra shot gives this shake the added apple WOW factor!)

Milk & Tap

Approx 100ml of water (adjust to suit) per 8 to 10 fl.oz drink.

This is approximate because different blenders, ice types and even weather can adjust the results. Basically if it won’t come out the jug you need more liquid!

Bag & Scoops

40g (1 standard scoop) of Kool Kup®.



Blend until ice is smooth. Before serving, squirt two pumps (16ml) of 1883 Caramel syrup into the bottom of the glass your using. Then gently spoon on the mixture from the blender. This creates an appealing visual effect!


TIP: To garnish top with whipped cream, sprinkle some Kool Kup® blossom caramel pieces, add straw and simply enjoy!